MCC - Sorbone


A SORBONNE is a device that allows the extraction of toxic fumes of products used when handling. It is intended to protect the operator and the environment. A Sorbonne is an extraction hood to the outside.

As its name implies, it provides a total barrier and tight between the outside world and work in a laboratory area isolator ensures total protection of the product.

The volume of work is in class 100 or ISO 5, it is used in the case of handling of sterile or toxic.

A Sas allows entry or exit waterproof sensitive or contaminated elements.

Doors sealed fast transfer male or female, they allow the entry or exit of the material without breach of containment.

A hood or sorbonne laboratory (except filter CA) must be equipped with an extractor (fan) sucking fumes to reject outside. The European standard NF EN 14175 and its French extension XPX 15 206 impose specific constraints on the manufacture of the fume. Since 2006, they contain more no indication of minimum speed of air in front of the fume. The only encrypted constraint included in the French standard concerning the containment measures.

They also provide the decontamination or disinfection by very aggressive disinfectants such as Peracetic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 hydrogen peroxide.