MCC - NF EN 12469

NF EN 12469

NF EN 12469

standards NF EN 12469, ISO, ISO 5, Iso 6, iso 7, iso 8

Performance Standards for the Biosafety Cabitet

The present European standards specifies the basic requirements for the Biosafety Cabinets as regards to the safety and hygiene recommendations.
The present European standards define the minimal criteria of performance for the Biosafety Cabinets used by operators to work on micro-organism and specify the test procedures as regards the protection of the operator and the environment, as well as the protection of the product and the cross-contamination.
The present standards do not cover security measures against the mechanical, electric, chemical or radioactivity dangers which are treated in the ISO EN 61010-1, EN 292-1 and EN 292-2 sections.
The present standards do not cover security measures relative to the use of microorganisms such as the aspects concerning the mechanical and electrical dangers, Neither those aspects are treated in EN 61010-1 nor the requirements of security relative to flammable and inert gases.


Some characteristics of the Biosafety requirements besides those relative to the performances and to the operator’s security are mentioned in the present European standard and EN 12741 as advice only.