MCC - Horizontal Laminar Airflow

Horizontal Laminar Airflow

Horizontal Laminar Airflow

Exclusive protection of the experiment

The laminar airflow was invented to avoid microbial contamination during biological experiments or protection against particulate pollution.

A laminar flow hood generates a purified particulate air (hood shown equipped with a HEPA filter arresting 99.99% of particles larger than 0.3 µm) and most importantly, without aerodynamic disturbances.
Horizontal laminar flow - BBS 1000 H

A flow is laminar, if at each point of the section of the stream, the speed does not differ from the average speed of the flow by +/-20%.
A laminar flow is unidirectional and homogeneous.

In these enclosures, treated air is ’blown’ towards the operator. This procedure protects the experiment but not the operator nor the contaminants’ environment.